Answers-in-Law is a legal expenses indemnity service offered via an interactive legal and public services directory that provides immediate and affordable access to legal service providers, specialising in the area of law that assistance is required, from the network of independent law firms registered with the Malaysian Bar. Answers-in-Law indemnifies the cost of the initial legal services extended by the network of independent law firms.


A back-office legal support service for law firms and lawyers, allowing practices of all sizes to gain greater resources, expertise and efficiency. The service enables law firms and lawyers to both maintain a low cost operating structure but yet be equipped to compete with their larger counterparts in a level playing field, as well as take on more cases with the same internal resources.


An outsourcing service for legal work from across the globe. The service provides cost-effective, professional and timely service to multi-national corporations by grouping together the core competencies of local law firms and competing against the larger and more established international law firms. Fellows-in-Law will provide local law firms and lawyers a new source of income in addition to exposure to legal work beyond their existing shores.

Shieldcard Marketing

Shieldcard Marketing offers a suite of customised products and services, with the core focus on provision of legal access, collaborating with partners from diverse industries.



Legal Shield aims to make Malaysia a “Hub” for Legal Services in this Region by implementing a strategy to revolutionize the provision of legal services benefiting both the faction that requires legal services and that which provides legal services.





Legal Shield’s modus operandi is to ensure that everyone, individuals and corporations alike, have immediate and affordable access to the legal system to make informed decisions, safeguarding their interest and welfare. Likewise Legal Shield is focused on providing legal service providers the support and resources required to both facilitate the provision of their services efficiently and affordably as well as to provide them with exposure beyond their respective shores.



Legal Shield is crafted into distinct businesses to serve the various needs of the industry;

  1. Answers-in-Law,
  2. Partners-in-Law, and
  3. Fellows-in-Law
  4. Shieldcard Marketing

With an extensive investment in Information and Communication Technology and by pooling together the excellent legal resources inherent in the Region, Legal Shield is able to provide cost effective and efficient service to the benefit of all stakeholders


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